64000 Marijuana Plants Burned by PSD Agents in Talamanca Mountains

Land belonging to the Institute of Agrarian Development (IDA) in Talamanca, is used by drug traffickers to cultivate different kinds of marijuana. Ownership of more than 2 hectares is controlled by a man who supposedly planted and harvested, more than 64000 plants.

Agents of the Drug Control Police (PCD) and the Police Intervention Unit (PIU) of the security forces have conducted several aerial patrols. They inaccessible plantations located in Talamanca and Palmar Norte, managed to reach them and burn them.

According to authorities, the drug is grown in Talamanca mountains and noted the South Zone can produce excellent quality and it is well commercialized in the domestic market. They found, highnet bud, thin-stemmed pink grip pink, Pambelé growing to 3 meters and the San Miguelito that requires lots of water.

Authorities found 2 kilos of marijuana seed distributed in a jar marked “Jama andKa” and two more that said “Jay Rex” and intended to plant in the area.

Mario Zamora, Minister of Public Security, is concerned about the increase inmarijuana plants.

“Drug trafficking is coming to stop drug to the South and Talamanca, which destroyed more than 64 thousand plants, which shows that inland local community is participating.

The high network is produced in Colombia and was introduced to our country.Today our land is farmed where highly potent marijuana, “he said.

Zamora added that so far Chinchilla administration, police have seized and destroyed more than 3 million marijuana plants.

This will send a warning to the police to continue to conduct operations in Talamanca and South, to prevent drug traffickers continue dealing.

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