628 Traffic Cops Hit The Streets For Holy Week

A total of 628 transit officials wil monitor the streets during the coming Holy Week,as announced today by police director Diego Herrera.

The routes of recreational areas will be monitored by the Transit. The monitoring will start on Saturday March 31 and runs through Sunday, April 8, or Sunday.

Herrera explained the work will focus on control of speed and alcohol as well as routine surveillance on the main roads leading to tourist areas.

For example traveling between San Jose – Peñas Blancas (Route 1), San Jose -Paso Canoas (Route 2), Liberia, Santa Cruz, San José-Caldera (Route 27), SanJosé-Limón (Route 32) and Costanera Sur.

At the same time the officer explained that monitoring will be the public transportbus mode with surprise operating on routes that go to the tourist areas.

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