50 Cell Phones A Day Stolen in Costa Rica

Every day, criminals steal about 50 phones in the country. This was confirmed by the Superintendency of Telecommunications (SUTEL) after a preliminary test of the system that will put a brake on the thieves.

For this reason SUTEL and mobile operators record the “ESN” of phones to help prevent reactivation of stolen phones.

This thanks to a system that blocks stolen phones to their owners, leaving them virtually useless.

If you are a victim of this, you should report immediately to the appropriate operator.

In the case of ICE customers to: 1193, Movistar to 1693, users of the operator by dialing * 10 from Claro a clear network or the number from another network7002-7002.

Customers must report the theft to 1718 and Fullmóvil users to 555 from a network or toll Fullmóvil 905-Fullmóvil from another network.

From April 5 to date cell phone carriers reported an average of 800 phones stolen.

According to SUTEL, cell phones reported stolen in our country, will not be activated either here or by about 800 operators around the world.

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