5.3 Earthquake in Upala Alajuela

Costa Rica earthquake

Today at approximately 2:11pm in the afternoon, Upala was rattled by a 5.3 magnitude earthquake that shook products off store shelves and rattled off home furnishings. No immediate damages were reported however later in the afternoon something strange was discovered as a result.

While reporting on the earthquake in Upala today, a local news station discovered that a district near the epicenter was missing a river. That’s right…A RIVER.

So much for the tourism market in that area…

Apparently in the moments following the earthquake, a community stood watch as their river disappeared in to the Earth. As of this writing it is still unknown exactly which community this occurred in however once we have the name we will update this article. The affected citizens were interviewed and expressed concern for the loss of this substantial water supply to the area. Not only will this affect humans but also the livestock raised in the area.

Additionally there was also a 4.8 earthquake registered in GuanacasteCosta Rica earthquake near Santa Rosa de Bagaces today.

OVSICORI, the nations seismic activity center, has recorded over 4789 tremors in Costa Rica exceeding 1.0 on the Richter Scale.

With all this Earth movement and record rainfall, this is creating concern for areas along the Pacific Coast from landslides.

What is on the minds of many Ticos is whether or not this spike in activity is any indication of something bigger to come. Could this be the “big one” Costa Rica has been expecting? Guess we will have to wait and see.

In the meantime it is always good advice to have emergency supplies like canned foods, flashlights, batteries and water to be safer rather than sorry.

For more on this story visit here: http://www.costaricanewssite.com/earthquake-swallows-river-and-more-weird-news

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  • editor

    Im in shock at how popular this article has become. Up to almost 10,000 visits in just a 24 hour period.

    • Jo

      Tectonic plates shift. No ‘mystery’ here as to the disappearance of the river.

  • James C

    It’s not so surprising at the number of hits. Stories like this get reposted on others sites reporting unusual news. I found the link at standeyo.com personally.

    I suspect that the quake opened up an undergroud cave below the river. Hopefully it will fill up and the river will return.

    • editor

      Stay tuned for my follow up article being released early tomorrow morning.


    It was Guanacaste that disappeared. It is also not showing up on any of the worlds seismic institutes.


    Where is photo?