4G Technology Around the Corner?

costa rica 4g

The struggle for the country’s cellular market has a new dressing – 4G technology – or fourth generation.

The Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad said they expect to offer this service by early 2013.

It is now offering downloads of 14 megabytes per second, but with a 4G network, one could be downloading over 100 megabytes per second.

But ICE clients will not be the only ones with access to this technology.

Japi, one of the virtual operators who entered into competition with the opening of the telecommunications market, offers its customers Internet access solutions 4G, mediating different modems.

Meanwhile, Matias Señorán, Manager of Institutional Relations and Communication Movistar Costa Rica, said the Spanish company offers HSPA+-commercially known as 4G-, in 100% of your network.

Señorán also commented on the strategy of Telephone Group, to develop in countries where they operate to provide services based on 4G LTE (long term evolution), and further improve market supply.

Along with the many advantages offered by the new platform, there are disadvantages such as increased use and wear of the battery when the units operate with this type of network.

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