40 Road Related Deaths in February

The war on the roads continues, despite campaigns and laws, the first months of the year are proving to be as violent as last year.

Traffic Officer Luis Vega said that, in Costa Rica there is a cultural problem. To enforce the law it should not be necessary that the officer is off the street indicating what do and what not should be done.

According to the Red Cross, in February, 40 violent deaths occurred in traffic accidents. Numbers very similar to the 36 that records the traffic police.

At both institutions (red cross and the traffic police) are aware that the message is not getting through to those who drive vehicles and motorcycles.

Both show increases in January and February. In January 2011 there were 29 road deaths and in February this year 30 people died.

In February 2011 there were 27 deaths while in 2012 were 36. “While maintaining similar average, this February, there were many drowning, traffic accidents do not stop, among others,” said Arnold Communications Chief Alpízar Red Cross.

The authorities insist that it is Costa Rican culture,  there is a perceived idea that if there is a reduction of fines there will be more and more offenders.

“When the cameras were working, accidents due to speeding were down along that route, but when the cameras were stopped there was an increase.”  the official Vega said.

Transit and Red Cross say that we must insist on the idea of ​​creating a culture of responsible road management.

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