34 Families In Guanacaste Set To Receive Houses

Tomas tropical storm that hit the country in November 2010 and left 34 homeless families in Guanacaste. These families today received a visit of the president Laura Chinchilla and the Minister of Housing and Human Settlements, Irene Campos.

Residents of Housing Project Llanos de Moya, Santa Cruz de Guanacaste,welcomed the government authorities in their new homes.

The investment by the 34 houses was ¢440 million from the National Financial System for Housing.

In total, 200 people benefited, most of whom lived with relatives, in difficult conditions.

Campos Minister took the opportunity to expose that since May 8, 2010 and until March 31, 2012, the government has invested more than ¢125,000 million in housing for 19,161 families.