319 Political Deadbeats Who’ve Failed To File

This year, 319 officials of the Civil Service did not comply with the duty to file an updated statement of their property to the Comptroller General of the Republic (CGR).

The CGR reports on its website the list of names of all officials who failed to comply with that obligation.

In that list, there are officials of different state institutions, but the rank of those who’ve failed is headed by the mayors, deputy mayors and municipal councilors who represent 35% of all defaults.

Among the officials who do not declare the amount and evolution of their goods to the CGR, are employees of the Social Security Fund (CCSS), which represent 16% of all omissions.

This year, 12,500 people had to submit an update to their patrimony, so the default rate was 2.55%. The time limit for filing a declaration expired on May 22.

In the list of omitted names are listed as the deputy judge, Rodolfo Piza Rocafort, trade unionists as Albino Vargas and Ronaldo Blear and the exdefensora of the population, Lizbeth Quesada Tristan.

To all of them were asked about the reasons therefor, and they said, they forgot to declare . But they promised to update their declaration of assets this week. The exdefensora of the People was not possible to locate because she is outside the country.

The head of press of the Comptroller, Mariela Azofeifa, explained that following the publication of this list, will begin a period of warnings to those who violated the law.

“The goal is to filter the list to people who, for health reasons, being outside the country or other justifiable reason, did not present their declaration, and promoting administrative processes and penalties that apply,” said Mariela Azofeifa.

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