300 Costa Rican businessmen are seeking clients from abroad

Three hundred national businesspeople seek to place their products in 30 countries, including Russia, Poland, Turkey, Argentina and China.

The scenario is the BTM (Buyers Trade Mission), annual activity organized by the Foreign Trade Promoter (Procomer) started on Wednesday and ended Thursday. it was performed in the Herradura hotel in Belén.

It is a space where local vendors show to the international buyers their products. For that, every businessman has appointments of 30 minutes duration. Until now 2500 meetings are scheduled.

This year projects a large agricultural supply, as well as organic and healthy products, and others produced with low environmental impact, said Javier Castillo, Procomer sector manager.

“We want to tell to the world that we are a specialized agricultural products, which are certified. Some companies produce low carbon neutral scheme “, he added.

One of the businessmen who found in missions of buyers, a window of opportunity, is Rafael Jimenez with his copany Tierra Verde.

He began exporting between 2006 and 2007 monthly container with yucca. Their destination: Puerto Rico. At that time only two people working.

Now, with the support of 30 employees, Tierra Verde sold up to 120 containers per year with malanga lila, green pipe, dry coconut and sugar cane, to importers of the Caribbean island, as well as Canada.

Ivan Sosa is another businessman who puts their dried fruit, in Panama and, if all goes well, will soon be in Guatemala with apple, pineapple, mango, coconut, dried beet or orange.

Businessmen like George Soriano, Sibu Chocolates, also highlight the value of differentiation. That’s what his company has done by selling chocolate bars made with organic cocoa from the Caribbean slope.

“We have world-class products with added value that makes us look like exotic products,” he said.