3 Tonnes Of Cocaine Found In Pit Under House

Police found a pit constructed under an indoor garden of a house which had three tons of cocaine hidden.

The finding was made ​​by official Narcotics Section of the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) and the Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS), to raid a house in San Luis de Santo Domingo de Heredia. The “creek for drugs” apparently built it two months ago and within it, sniffer dogs located drug residues.

This fact is related with the confiscation last May 24 in La Uruca, 554 kilos of cocaine that It was transported in a truck with a load of firewood. Also part of the investigation, which seized $ 530,000 that was hidden in a box in a Colorado cabin Abangares in Guanacaste.

For this, there are five people arrested, a Mexican and four Costa Ricans.

The OIJ reported that the investigations were initiated, in conjunction with the DIS, in November last year, and found that there were two Mexicans suspicious movements performed on Costa Rican soil.

One of them, surnamed Velasquez, 29 years old, pretending to be an engineer who used to perform specialized work in metal structures and welding.

During the investigation, police determined that it was an organization that transported drugs from Colombia to Guatemala and Costa Rica served as a storage site.

Police work had to be accelerated after officers of the security forces intercepted in the Uruca, San Jose, the truck with 554 kilos of cocaine.Deshacer cambios

According to authorities, the police confiscation, caused panic and demands within the organization. This occurred because the leaders, Velazquez and another foreigner, who is a fugitive, began to get everything ready to abandon Costa Rica. Precisely, Velazquez was arrested on Thursday in a cabin in Colorado of Abangares.

In the operation, the wife of the foreigner was arrested, a Costa Rican woman named Mora, 28 years old.

The couple were married on February 25 this year, according to Costa Rican Civil Registry data.

In addition, at the time was arrested another Costa Rican named Rojas, 32 years old, who was considered as the bodyguard of Velasquez, and was the person who was responsible for getting food and other necessities to the organization.

The OIJ reported that in the cabin where they were staying the suspects, the authorities found marijuana in the toilet, which presumably was launched to destroy it.

In addition, seven cell phones were seized, the suspects had smart cards destroyed, because they were broken and kept $ 530,000.

On Friday, authorities raided the apartment of Velazquez, located in Moravia, but found nothing.

On Friday afternoon police arrested a individual named Murillo, 46 years old, responsible for security of the house in San Luis de Santo Domingo and another house near the toll road Braulio Carrillo on the road between San Jose with Guápiles. The OIJ reported that they seized evidence relevant to the case.

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