3 Police Officers Go To Trial For Murder of Young Man

Three policemen go on trial starting next Monday. They are suspects in the murder of a young man who they allegedly mistook for a criminal.

The incident occurred in August 2009 when Heiner Monge Salas was killed and another youth was wounded last name Bell Delgado.

The hearing will be for the crimes of homicide, attempted homicide, abuse of authority, and favoring personal.

The night of the crime the authorities were alerted to an assault in downtown Carthage.

The police began chasing a vehicle that fled the scene.

During the chase a shootout ensued against the vehicle, but a bullet entered through the window of the car, fatally wounding the young man.

The hearing is reported from the 5th of March to the 30th from 8:30 am and will include the declaration of thirteen witnesses.

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