3 People Arrested For Falsifying Documents

Three people were arrested yesterday by immigration officials for illegally processing passports and work permits for residence cards.

Authorities confiscated false stamps of Migration, scanners, passports, monitors, Maya keys, phone numbers, residence cards, cash and printers.

The Investigation Unit of the Immigration Police began the investigation in February, with the support of the prosecution,and when several foreigners, who used false work permits, denounced those who are detained.

The agents arrested a woman surnamed Quiros and then to her two accomplices, one named Hosman and another surnamed Castillo. The three individuals were arrested.

According to the investigation, the woman was responsible for making contacts with foreigners outside the building of Migration in the Uruca, San Jose.

She also had contacts by telephone, and the supply of false documents were made personally. Charged ¢ 20,000 for the process.

Police said the the group’s leader was Castillo, who is known by the immigration authorities because he was that he had more experience in making this illegal activity. ”

This man has a history of multiple offenses.

Castillo was arrested yesterday during a raid on his home in Hatillo, San Jose, and He had false work permits, stamps of the Migration false, computers, scanners, printers, passports, keys monitors and Maya, among others.

The band worked in the following way. First, the woman offered the services, when she had her client’s information, she gave the data to the leader, who was responsible for preparing the documents in his home in Hatillo, where he had the necessary equipment to do everything.

Then the leader was traveling by motorcycle to Migration to deliver the documents to the client.

Outside of Immigration, was also arrested Hosman, the third suspect in the group, who was accompanied by Quiros.

The Immigration Police seized from Hosman two cell phones, a residency card and cash.

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