3 Costa Rican Doctors Arrested For International Fraud Involving Credit Cards

Two dentists, a general practitioner and three women entrepreneurs were arrested yesterday on suspicion of integrating an international network of bank card fraud.

According to the police investigation, the group stole credit card information in Europe and the United States and then clone the magnetic strips on plastic andfraudulent transactions in our country for ¢ 45 million, of which only charged ¢ 25 million.

The suspects are two dentists surname Altamirano (32 years) and Campos (34years). Both are brothers and were arrested respectively in their offices located in San Antonio de Belen, Heredia, and Palmares, Alajuela

Officials said this week, Altamirano began working at Clinica de Heredia, theSocial Security Fund.

The other is a general practitioner, surnamed Rodriguez, who was arrested at his private practice in Santa Ana

One of the arrested persons surname Coto, who owns a furniture store in La Uruca. The other two women are surnames Rojas (28 and 32 years old), who worked at a hotel in Guanacaste.

As reported by the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) of Heredia, the company VISA alerted our country on fraud, on May 31, for the initiation of an investigation.

It was determined that the band stole card data of four foreigners in their countries of origin and sent the information to a person in Costa Rica.

That individual, mastermind of the crime, was not captured yesterday, but police have so completely identified. He attributed the production of plastics with the stolen magnetic stripe.

Although the cardholder never entered the country, bank security systems found that, with the cloned cards, transactions were made millions in the doctors’ Altamirano and Campos.

In addition, there are other operations in the furniture in the Uruca and Guanacaste hotel. It is suspected that the Costa Ricans were left a commission.

Police confiscated data phones, vouchers and invoices related to the case. The detainees were to the order of the Office of Heredia.

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