25 People Affected by Landslide in San Sabastian

At 11:30am Sunday, three families were literally on the street after a few minutes of watching their homes collapse in residential areas of Boruca, better known as Glen South in San Sebastian.

“It formed a crack and in minutes everything collapsed,” said Maria Sequeira, one of the persons affected.

The grounds were in a state of considerable danger, but the situation worsened and the land began to crack. This was caused by constant earthquakes last week.

Ana Lorena Romero of the Municipality of San Jose said he should assess the origin of the development, earthworks and whether these families who lived there respected areas of protection.

Some houses were damaged partially and others completely destroyed. Despite knowing how dangerous the terrain and the dangers, the neighbors decided to build in the area, but they say that, next time they will think twice.

The Municipality of San Jose was present this morning to coordinate the work done. They are awaiting orders from the Ministry of Health care to help neighbors to move to another place.

This situation in the area is not new. A visit by a team from Telenoticias in a nearby home found the problem of sewage available to the community and the imminent danger to neighbors.

In this area two landslides have already occurred and in rainy season the danger is greatly increased.

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