22 Years In Prison For Police Assisting Drug Traffickers

Seven officers of the security forces were sentenced yesterday with 22 years in prison for using government property in drug trafficking.

The sentence was dictated by court of Puntarenas against the officers Yeison Chacon Rodriguez, Luis Alberto Zeledon Porras, Carlos Guillermo Carrillo Eric vindas Mora, Carlos Enrique Molina Alpizar, Oliver Rodriguez Campos,  Greivin  Picado Venegas and Eric vindas Mora .

The officers, who were working in police stations of Puntarenas, Parrita and Garabito, assisted an organization of drug traffickers from Colombia and were responsible for receiving custody and moving cocaine into the country. In the judges eyes it was clear that they committed the crimes of international drug trafficking and embezzlement.

The judges also sentenced three foreigners: Sandalio Bustamante Riascos to 22 years in prison, Andrés Rodríguez Orobio (20 years) and Minolta Estupiñán Nelson (20 years).

Also sentenced: the merchant Ariel Campos Lagos (25 years) and the lender, Gerardo Enrique Mora Villalta to 22 years).

This last one was an officer of the National Guard (NG), but resigned a year before the capture.

The Court, composed of judges Geovanny Hernandez Martinez, Adam Campos Fallas, and Eva Rodríguez Mora rendered judgment acquitting two policemen of surnames Diaz and Gonzalez, a man named Montoya, and a foreigner named Reyes.

The President of the Court Geovanny Hernandez, explained the reasons why high penalties were imposed during the debate demonstrated the participation of 12 defendants in the facts which the prosecution claimed.

The judge complaint about , they had an obligation to ensure the public against crime, but did not fulfill the oath and defend the law.

The Chief Justice added that this organization made ​​three seizures of drugs. One of 1,441 kilos of cocaine on July 26, 2009, another 382 kilos on 16 August and the third of 700 kilos on 15 September.

The judge said that in one case it was found that, through phone calls, the police guarded a shipment that came out of Quepos, moved by, Jaco, Orotina and continued to San Mateo de Alajuela, where it was intercepted by authorities.

This band was dismantled by the Drug Control Police (PCD) on 18 September 2009.

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