2013 Brings BIG Changes To Costa Rica News Site

Maybe you’ve noticed and maybe you’ve not – CRNS has been getting further and further behind since the holidays began with respect to putting out news stories. Well here it is…

The truth of the matter is, we’re going to go in one of two directions. There’s a chance we go under new management and the new resumes likely the way it was in it’s prime. Or we revamp the site to a simpler format with reporting being done ONLY on the stories that matter. Meaning of course that not every day will we be putting out news stories but instead only reporting on what’s important at the time.

The bottom line is ultimately things are going to change. For the better or worse? Well we’d have it no other way than for the better so stay tuned for more on this situation as it comes available.

Without doubt…2013 will bring good things to CRNS and for it’s readership.

Pura vida.


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