169 houses damaged and 260 people in shelters after major earthquake

At least 169 homes damaged and almost 260 people were in shelters until last night.

Over 90% of households identified until now, is located in the province of Guanacaste, mostly in Nicoya and Santa Cruz. Each of these counties has 50 houses affected.

Another 20 homes affected are in Carrillo, 10 Nandayure and 5 in Hojancha according to the Ministry of Housing.

The rest of the damaged homes in the province of Alajuela. Twenty of these in Valverde Vega, ten in San Ramon and four in San Carlos. Yesterday the Ministry had no reports of Puntarenas.

The refugees, 85% are in Nicoya. The National Emergency Commission (CNE) said they are serving more than 220 people in four shelters.

Other affected are in Alajuela: 30 in Sarchi Valverde Vega and seven in Greece.

About the Monsignor Sanabria Hospital in Puntarenas CCSS engineers said that the damage was concentrated in the hospital building and non-structural, but ornamental (for items such as windows and facade).

The Social Security Fund (CCSS) works in a gradual reopening plan that will start next week.

In addition on Thursday confirmed that the earthquake damaged several schools in the Central Valley.

Rodrigo Rivera Acting Minister of Transport and Public Works estimated at ¢ 2,000 million in damage roads but warned that this data is preliminary.

Yesterday, two primary routes were closed: Route-San Carlos Naranjo and communicating with Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui north. The MOPT plans to take there a bailey bridge to replace the one that fell on the Rio Sucio.

The situation of the route to San Carlos will be closed for about three weeks while removing the stones up to 15 tons, which fell in Alto Tapesco.

As additional route, drivers should use the road-Quesada, Santa Clara Rodriguez-Bajo and San Ramon to enter the North American road.

The MOPT said there was no damage to the bridges over the river Virilla Poas and Canyon, the bridge Rafael Iglesias and two more in Palmares.

Furthermore, Sarchí were closed the streets Sahinal and Sabanillas said Mayor of Valverde Vega, Luis Antonio Barrantes.

Meanwhile, the dam on the river Tempisque that protects the city of Philadelphia has four cracks along a stretch of four kilometers according to the mayor of Carrillo Carlos Cantillo. Vanessa Rosales, president of the CNE, said machinery was hired to make repairs.