1500 Taxi Drivers Unable to Work

costa rica taxi

1,500 taxi drivers around the country were left without the ability to work in the transport service due to the Public Transport Council (PTC) failing to meet to assess a further extension for further use of cars over 15 years.

This means that formal taxi drivers who have cars from 1994 on, may not be used on the streets.

The law allows the granting of taxi plates, only if the model year is 1994 or newer.

The Council, was solely responsible for evaluating the issue, has not had a session since the year began. Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy, Andrei Bourrouet resigned to move to a different public office and because of this move, it was necessary to appoint René Castro minister of that position.

So yesterday on the last day on which the extension expired, the appointment of Castro was not public in the Gazette, so it was impossible that the CTP will meet to set grace periods for new carriers.

Mario explained Badilla, executive director of CTP, although these units are outside the law, if the decree published today out in the Official Gazette the appointment of new member, immediately it could meet the Board to give a longer period.

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