100% Tico-Made Social Network Language Tool

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This  past March 30th, the MY BABILON social network started to create its own history, as it was brought to Costa Rica as a tool for communication in interaction between people.

This new social network was 3 years in development and allows people to have online conversations in different languages simultaneously.

According to its creator, Mr. Diego Garro, this Social Network is a pioneer in breaking the language barrier, as two people speaking different languages  can be understood in the native language of each implemented by an attachment to each sentence is translated into the language that is configured in the profile of the person immediately.

MY BABILON is a social network 100% free and Costa Rican made with pure technology policy.

According to its creator, this new tool has received in the early hours of “life” more than 43 000 visits. Also can be linked with other tools like Facebook and Twitter.

If you want to be part of this new social network, you only need to register at www.mybabilon.com

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