100% Made in Costa Rica Beans Go Mainstream


Walmart is the latest company that will bring to market a brand of beans “100% Made In Costa Rica”

Armando Gonzalez, Hortifruti manager said, the company will launch on Friday the Don Frijol brand in supermarkets Mas x Menos and Walmart, and in May in the various Pali and MaxiPalí.

The firm bought 36,000 hundred weights of grain producers in the areas north and south. The idea is to buy another lot in the next major harvest, from August, Gonzalez added.

“Each package will have a stamp which ensures that the beans that Costa Ricans purchase is 100 percent produced in the country,” he said.

The company joins others such as Kani S. A., who sells his mark Don Pedro for 14 years, said Mauricio Corrales, an official of this company, who reported that the company supports 5,000 families producing the grain.

Xinia Chaves, Vice Minister of Agriculture, said that Costa Rica produces 240,000 pounds of beans a year, representing two months of consumption. The remaining 10 months are supplied with grain from Central China.

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